"When a ship raises its anchor, it is leaving on a new adventure. When a ship drops its anchor, it is securing itself."
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“It is hard to walk away from a relationship no matter how bad it has become. You can feel your heart break when you think of breaking your significant other’s heart. Tears fill your eyes as you imagine how he/she would react when you tell him/her the bad news. Your knees weaken with the thought of going through a new day without his/her smile, words of encouragement, i-love-you’s, i-miss-you’s and loving stare. You already feel empty even when you have not even begun taking a single step away. You start reliving the happy moments, because you don’t want to part with them; because deep inside, you still hope that you can both sort things out and make it work. You begin to fill your mind with sad and painful moments and realized that during those times which made you cry a lot, you are somewhat grateful because it’s him - the one who hurt you, made you cry, helped you give pain a different meaning. All because he is worth it. You start doubting your decision about leaving; and in the end, you’d decide to stay. When you tell your friends about this, they will get mad because you are almost there; you are just one step away from freedom. But just give them a sweet smile because no matter how much you try to explain, they will never understand why. Because they are not in your shoes. Because they are not you.”

— why leaving someone is a hard thing to do (m.b)

and i will always wonder why it is so easy for him to leave me 

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The fact that I still say “Good morning/night, Maru” every time I woke up or before I sleep (as if you hear it) makes me feel like I am an idiot. I am, aren’t I?

*cue Hermione’s voice saying “What an idiot.”*

Why do I still love you?

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Begging you to stay was one of the saddest things I’ve ever done. It made me realise that just because you adore the essence of somebody, just because you want to stay up till 3am every night kissing their freckles, just because you’d do anything to make sure they were always looked after, just because you love them, doesn’t mean that they will love you. It doesn’t mean that they’ll care and it doesn’t mean that they’ll stay. Most of the time people will always do what they want. But one day, I know I’ll meet somebody who will love me, who’ll want to care and who’ll choose to stay. I know he’ll kiss me softly and buy me roses. I know he’ll adore my eyes and laugh at all my childish sigh’s. And I know that it won’t be you. But damn, I wanted it to be. You should know that I wanted it to be you so bad.

— written by ALO (foxxies)
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And one day you just have to say that’s enough. Some times you just have to say that time’s up. And you have to stop caring, you have to stop letting people destroy you. Because they’ll suck all the life out of you and then you’ll adore them as they spoon feed it back. And what does that make you? Dependent. And slowly you expect less, slowly your hopes fade but you’re still there. Because it’s him. It’s him that makes it bad and it’s him that makes it better. He’ll tear you apart and you’ll beg him for the pieces. And you’ll see him as your saviour; when all he’s ever been is a very, very selfish boy.

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and i never got to tell you how

i’m badly hurting now,

and i’m building all these walls

to never let the feelings out

that i love you, that i love you

all the way from here

keep my distance, keep my distance

hide behind my fears

and you told me,

it’s not easy

what do you think i’m going through?

said you love me, then you left me

where do i go from here? 


i hope you feel miserable
like i do and i just
wanted to know if you
also cried your eyes out
like i did because
it’s the only way
i’d know that you’ve
loved me too.

I’ve finally realized that, there is really a difference between feeling okay and feeling happy. 

i forgot about
more and more
and i thought that’s
a good thing;
maybe i’m
moving on

no -
because when i remember,
i remember everything
i forgot
and once again,
i’m back in

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take me away to a far away place and hold my hand like we are two people way too in love with each other’s entirety. i want to get lost in your love.

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one step closer to d….

just like a torn page
from a book,
she felt lost
and forgot how
it feels to be
part of something.

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